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  • “DePalma might be making his debut in NY Cabaret but he already sings like a pro. He sends his sterling voice soaring in Tom Wait’s “Shiver Me Timbers.” And when he croons his Harold Arlen medley (masterfully arranged by James Followell) he’s got the world on a string, and it’s a wonderful thing.”

    — Waymon Wong, New York Daily News
  • “Technical director Shawn Moninger (Don’t Tell Mama) rarely, if ever, calls my attention to a new show that he is doing lights and sound for, but the other day he grabbed me in the piano bar and waxed wildly enthusiastic about Mr. DePalma. I immediately made reservations, and when I saw the show, I realized that Mr. Moninger’s words were absolutely accurate. John’s vocals tell only part of the story- and they are magnificent. It is the whole laid-back attitude, and marvelous bits and stories that make this show a winner. I have trouble deciding which I like better, the show or the performer! The lush vocals of Mr. DePalma and the amazing arrangements and musical direction of his collaborator James Followell, make you want to hear more and more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

    — Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online
  • “Using no theme at all (except great taste in songs), singer John DePalma offered a near-perfect show directed by Terri White. “Feelin’ Good” performed at Don’t Tell Mama, was heartfelt and revealing. DePalma, a Jersey-born baritone with the gentle voice of a seasoned balladeer, brought more compassion to the lyric line than do many vocalists who currently bask in rave reviews for more cleverly presented shows. DePalma’s simple self-effacing humor and tender phrasing on songs like Randy Newman’s “One More Hour” and Dave Grusin’s “It Goes Like It Goes” made for poignant moments that could secure his place as one of cabaret’s leading interpreters of ballads. A show of almost all ballads is pretty risky and not at all easy to pull off without losing an audience. However, such was DePalma’s docile and unaffected approach to his songs that he won over the room with ease. A riveting medley of “I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City (Harry Nilsson) with Tom Wait’s “Shiver Me Timbers” was simply perfect. If I were to quibble, I might suggest that he find some novelty material and explore more challenging songs. After all, he’s got what it takes and couldn’t be more sincere. DePalma’s “act” may need some pruning for growth, but when it comes to matters of the heart and simple honesty, this guy is a winner!”

    — John Hoglund, Backstage
  • “The title of John DePalma’s show is feeling good and it is aptly chosen. This personable young singer, with the help of director Terri White, has put together a Cabaret act that is as breezy as a spring day. His voice is warm, just like his manner. The material he’s chosen to perform is likewise in the comfort zone; neither emotionally hot nor cold. If you want light and easy, DePalma’s your man. The show begins with the Song is mine by Jd and JF. The song is melodic and the lyrics smartly insist that the singer will put his personal stamp on the show we are about to see. He continues with the acts title song FG which establishes the upbeat mood he’s after. He has a winning way on stage and a pleasing crooner’s voice.”

    — Barbara & Scott Siegel, Theatremania

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John DePalma is a two-time Bistro Award winning and MAC nominated singer songwriter based out of NYC. His mellow baritone has graced the stages at famed NYC cabaret spots, Don’t Tell Mama, The Duplex, the former Metropolitan Room, Joe’s Pub…