Look Who’s Been Dreaming

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Praise for Look Who’s Been Dreaming…

  • “His easygoing style harkens back to the days when they used to call men such as him crooners, and his wry sense of humor and laid-back manner instantly set an audience at ease. Then he lets his nimble fingers traipse over the ivories, and it all adds up to rare and grand entertainment.”

    — 2001 After Dark Award
  • “Comic charm…He can wring more wry humor from a perfectly innocent lyric than most.”

    — Chicago Tribune
  • “Understatement is what he brings to his performance, along with an obvious great joy in sharing these rediscovered treasures.”

    — Cabaret Scenes Magazine
  • “Justin Hayford is an original with a passion for understanding why our hearts are moved through song.”

    — Cabaret Hotline

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Justin Hayford specializes in reviving little-known songs from the 1930's and '40's. With his sell-out Rare Find series at Davenport's Piano Bar & Cabaret in Chicago, he has rescued dozens of forgotten gems from ignoble and undeserved obscurity--songs like "You're…