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Kevin Koelbl’s Grammy pre-nominated debut CD – Somewhere In Time – is about that unique relationship between a great song and those moments when it touches our lives. This collection…

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Kevin Koelbl’s Grammy pre-nominated debut CD – Somewhere In Time – is about that unique relationship between a great song and those moments when it touches our lives. This collection of songs spans eight decades and features the songs “Somewhere In Time” and “Tonight” from the mega hit Las Vegas show, EFX.

Praise for Somewhere In Time…

  • “Once this CD begins and you're put in the capable and loving hands of arranger and producer John Boswell, the joy of discovering Kevin Koelbl is made easy. The intriguing selection of songs takes you on the kind of journey that both flatters the soloist and makes the listening a pleasure. I was especially interested in the two waltz songs from famous CINDERELLAS -- Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Ten Minutes Ago" and "So This Is Love" from Disney's animated version -- blended together into a medley. The guy's clearly fallen for the object of his affection, and what a beautiful way to express it! This CD was my introduction to Kevin Koelbl. I can't wait to hear more from him.”

    — Theodore S. Chapin
  • “Congratulations to Lee Lessack and LML Music and the following LML artists who have been selected on the pre-nomination ballot for the 44th annual Grammy Awards: Kevin Koelbl - 'Somewhere In Time' (Traditional Pop Vocal)”

    — Cabaret Hotline
  • “If I had to recommend just one CD from this list, it would be Kevin Koelbl's debut album, Somewhere In Time. His lush baritone voice, coupled with John Boswell's always superb arrangements, make this an irresistibly lush, romantic and ultimately soothing album. You may have seen Koelbl (pronounced 'cable') while visiting Las Vegas as he co-starred in the original cast of MGM's EFX with Michael Crawford, taking over the starring role upon Crawford's departure. The songs encompass Broadway ("You Are My Home" and "In A Very Unusual Way"), film ("Someday," from Disney's Hunchback and the title song), standards from both worlds ("It Could Happen To You," "Time After Time" and "The Way You Look Tonight") and some contemporary cabaret/pop songs (most notably "Rewriting History" by Stephen Schwartz and Steven Lutvak, a highly infectious number). Koelbl shares a lovely duet, "Tonight" by Don Grady and Marty Panzer, with Cari Golden to shimmering effect. My favorite track is the 'why didn't somebody think of this sooner' pairing of songs from two Cinderella's: Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Ten Minutes Ago" and Disney's "So This Is Love," which beautifully augment each other's expression of love found.”

    — Jonathan Frank - Talkin' Broadway
  • “Kevin's CD Somewhere in Time is a great favorite of mine. I bought it to hear one of the only recordings of "Rewriting History" with music by Stephen Schwartz, but I fell in love with the whole album. His voice is both mellow and rich, and his song choices allow for gentle but never boring listening. Kevin's CD also includes his rendition of the Menken/Schwartz classic from Hunchback of Notre Dame, Someday.”

    — Carol de Giere - The Stephen Schwartz Scene
  • “Kevin does a great job evoking loneliness, heartache, and the joy of finding love. The album has a wonderful smoky, three-in-the-morning feel to it, like Kevin's letting you in on the secrets of his soul. The disc is available from LML Music, which is rapidly becoming one of the best record labels for cabaret vocalists.”

    — Bill Jennings - Mermaniac - A Showtunes Weblog

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