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  • “Lessack will take your breath away..a wonderfully romantic crooner. One of the very best CD’s of its kind, and an essential addition to your library”

    — Michael Portantiere, In Theater Magazine, 8/28/98
  • “Here is a crystal clear tenor with a remarkable sensitivity and expressiveness in his delivery. His phrasing has a special understanding and respect for the lyric. The selection of songs shows an admiration for the masters, such as Mercer and Arlen, Evans and Mann and Rodgers and Hammerstein, as well as a recognition of several of cabaret’s most creative young songwriters.”

    — Keith Merritz, Cabaret Scenes, 6/96
  • “A wonderful new voice to the cabaret scene is Lee Lessack. His debut solo album shows Lessack to be a highly skilled song interpreter.”

    — Andrew Gans, Playbill Magazine, 10/31/95
  • “On his first recording, simply titled LEE LESSACK, the cabaret singer revealed himself to be one of the finest male singers around. Lessack now follows with his second solo work on the LML Music label, I KNOW YOU BY HEART. The 13-track disc further establishes the singer, who blends a smooth sound with a striking emotional honesty, as one of the most moving song interpreters in the cabaret world. Lessack begins the recording with simple versions of the little-heard Marvin Hamlisch tune, “Dreamers,” and John Bucchino’s “It Feels Like Home.” He builds Frank Wildhorn and Nan Knighton’s “Storybook” to a wonderful climax and is equally compelling with a song from The Lion King, “Endless Night.” Other high points include Stephen Schwartz’s “Dreamscape” and Ann Hampton Callaway’s “Perfect,” a fitting finale to the CD.”

    — Andrew Gans, Playbill Magazine, 4/30/99

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With his graceful lyric baritone vocals and a sophisticated yet endearing persona, Lee Lessack has toured extensively in the United States and Europe to sold-out performances and has released five recordings. His most ambitious recording to date, “In Good Company,”…