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  • “Regular readers will have seen our review of Nathan's recent cabaret run at Pizza on the Park and this CD is mainly drawn from his cabaret performances. He has a laid-back style and his voice is still developing, but the difference from his debuts at 19 and this, his mid twenties self, illustrates how important it is to sing a wide variety of songs and to keep singing them. Modern composers are included - Stiles and Drewe, Richard Kates, John Buchino - but there are standards there too - Arlen/Koehler, Noel Coward, The Gershwins. Two West End artists make guest appearances - Linzi Hateley and Robert Meadmore - adding to the overall variety of this excellent CD.”

    — Lynda Trapnell – Musical Stages, Autumn 2003
  • “Nathan Martin's ANYWHERE WITH YOU - delightful fun, cleverly done!”

    — Cabaret Hotline Online (Also named one of top picks for 2003)

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Singer/pianist Nathan Martin has performed extensively in concert and cabaret all over the world. He was a regular performer at London’s Pizza On The Park,  playing five solo engagements there, including Facing The Music – the Fred Astaire songbook. He…