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Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

D.C. Anderson’s songs have been described as literate, passionate, insightful and, often, laugh out loud funny! D.C. recorded 13 of them for the new LML Music release OUR STORY ‘live’ in the studio, accompanied simply and beautifully by acoustic guitar, cello, grand piano and a stand-up bass. D.C.’s moonlighting on Broadway (THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) and on television has lent a theatricality to many of OUR STORY’s tracks, perfectly complementing his usual smooth and subtle approach to a lyric. Noted for songs with a wide variety of unusual and fascinating subjects, D.C. does not disappoint here, as OUR STORY renders karma, the ‘Mona Lisa’, 19th Century visionary Frances Willard, ‘mystery’ shopping and forgiveness into a handsomely packaged and beautifully produced new recording.

I Am Still

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter


Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

4 new tracks – D.C. Anderson/Steven Landau’s ‘After the Funeral’ which beautifully complements Cheryl Wheeler’s ‘Beyond the Lights’, Mary Huckin’s ‘Something Simple’, and Harry Chapin’s ‘Winter Song’ join ‘The Flintstones’, Patty Larkin’s ‘Time Was’ and many more favorites from D.C.’s repertoire on COLLECTED.

Recorded ‘live’ with pianists Lem Jay Ignacio, Steven Landau, and bassist Ritt Henn.

Blue Summer Day

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

Blue Summer Day celebrates the performing collaboration between pianist Lem Jay Ignacio and D.C. 12 years performing together in cabaret rooms all across the US have produced a musical kinship that is easily discernable by listening to this abundant, eclectic recording. An audience member in Brownville Nebraska commented, “I love watching and listening to Lem Jay Ignacio accompany D.C. He is truly creating on-the-spot, he’s thrilling!” Listen to Lem Jay on ‘Second Time Around’ – you’ll see what she meant!

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