Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas

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Vintage Pop and the Jazz Sides

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A World That Swings

Posted at 6:20 pm by Peter

Andrew Suvalsky’s, “A World That Swings” his second recording, September 2008 release; LML Music/Allegro Distribution) firmly establishes him as one of the strongest and most noteworthy presences in the world of up and coming male jazz vocalists. The recording, whose title is borrowed from one of the CD’s many swinging tracks, gives the artist a stage on which to show serious vocal prowess while swinging, scatting, or smoothly evoking the deepest essence of a ballad’s lyrics, and to share his infectious notion that a musical and swinging world is just the place we would all like to live in. From the first note sung, The listener will immediately be swept into his musical landscape.

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