Still, Still, Still

Posted at 6:42 am by Lee Lessack

A panoramic landscape of timeless hymns and classic melodies from the 1800’s to the 21st Century, scored by composers from around the world, celebrating the spirit of Christmas and of renewed enlightenment. Revealed as a chamber piece and unfolding as a winter scene, each arrangement is created as a tone poem, expressed through the voice and piano in harmony with the cello and soprano saxophone.

In The Holiday Spirit

Posted at 8:31 am by Lee Lessack

Dreams of Christmas

Posted at 7:19 am by Lee Lessack

When the guests have all gone home and the children are asleep, this romantic and comforting album will soothe and calm you as you recall magical Christmas memories.

Cold Enough To Snow

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

By blending the styles that she knows so well, Stacy Sullivan has created a sound that is all her own and a Christmas album that is truly unique. Working again with her brilliant guitarist, George Doering and a band that is second to none, this is a recording that is likely to become a perennial favorite.

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