The Departure

Posted at 9:44 am by Lee Lessack

If Jason Mraz had a baby with Maroon 5, and Michael Jackson was the godfather, it would be Preston Leatherman.  The Departure features Preston’s unique blend of jazz and pop flair, yet mixes it with R&B and hip-hop influences, spanning multiple generations, to create a one of a kind sound.

Another Kind of Light

Posted at 2:12 pm by Lee Lessack

A pop-contemporary spin on several well known standards, combined with new songs, a mix of jazz, pop, and theatre, that intelligently explore the human condition and strike a universal chord.

On The Edge

Posted at 8:53 am by Lee Lessack

Old-school cabaret with a modern sensibility, On The Edge is a delicious cocktail of classic standards and contemporary pop that’s been shaken vigorously and served with a savory garnish of sassiness.

An eclectic mix of tunes from great American composers such as Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, and Stephen Sondheim as well as modern day songwriters like Rufus Wainwright, George Harrison, and Lady Gaga, Winston Gieseke’s debut recording beautifully captures the dynamic unpredictability of his live stage shows.

Ain’t We Got Fun!

Posted at 11:36 pm by Lee Lessack

An infectious, vintage-sounding collection of American standard classics, largely from the early decades of the 20th Century. Creighton, a young, veteran song and dance man of the Broadway stage, will have listeners  tapping their toes and crooning along!

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