Waiting For The Glaciers To Melt

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Grandmas Song

Choir: Scott Coulter, Kristen Coury, Margaret Dorn, Lina Koutrakos, Eric Millegan, Michelle Peeler David Raleigh, Johnny Rodgers, and Brian Wilson Recorded at Masque Sound, NYC

Engineer: Jeremy Harris

Home quartet: Scott Coulter, BLG, Johnny Rodgers, and Brian Wilson

Mandolin: Barry Mitterhoff

Recorded at Masque Sound, NYC

Engineer: Jeremy Harris

Dad and Me | Inevitable | Icons

Background vocals: Johnny Rodgers and BLG

Dad and Me

Violin (Fiddle): Deni Bonet

I Miss You* | Inevitable | Calm

Cello: Wolfram Koessel

Violin: Eviya Ozolins Kiger*

Violin: Una Tone

Recorded at Mix-o-lydian, Lafayette, New Jersey

Engineer: Don Sternecker

Mastered by Phillip Klum at Jigsaw Sound, NYC

Photography: Russell Baer (Santa Monica)

In studio photograph: Kristen Coury

Art Direction & Package Design: Doug Haverty

for Art & Soul Design (LosAngeles)

Can I Be Frank?

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