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D.C. Anderson’s songs have been described as literate, passionate, insightful and, often, laugh out loud funny! D.C. recorded 13 of them for the new LML Music release OUR STORY ‘live’…

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About Our Story…

D.C. Anderson’s songs have been described as literate, passionate, insightful and, often, laugh out loud funny! D.C. recorded 13 of them for the new LML Music release OUR STORY ‘live’ in the studio, accompanied simply and beautifully by acoustic guitar, cello, grand piano and a stand-up bass. D.C.’s moonlighting on Broadway (THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) and on television has lent a theatricality to many of OUR STORY’s tracks, perfectly complementing his usual smooth and subtle approach to a lyric. Noted for songs with a wide variety of unusual and fascinating subjects, D.C. does not disappoint here, as OUR STORY renders karma, the ‘Mona Lisa’, 19th Century visionary Frances Willard, ‘mystery’ shopping and forgiveness into a handsomely packaged and beautifully produced new recording.

Praise for Our Story…

  • “His long-term regular job has been performing in the company of The Phantom of the Opera (many roles in many locations for about 18 years, with three years off for good behavior). But when D.C. Anderson sings and records, it’s usually music that is far afield from the grand Phantom-esque style. Songs tend to be nakedly emotional – dear and sincere in their small-scale romanticism – or daffy and off-center humorous. Either way, they often feel like little slices of life – or chapters from life stories. His latest album’s title, Our Story is apt. D.C. mostly records songs he has written himself, often with collaborators. Some of the composers this time around also appear as musicians. But musical accompaniment is spare – and effectively so for the hushed, intimate confessionals or folksy ambience; four musicians on the title track comprise the largest group, and five tracks have just piano accompaniment.

    What strange bedfellows are in this mixed bag of reverent romance and irrepressible irreverence. Of the 15 songs, five are comic relief; the others are on the serious side, some quite ardent or fragile in nature, a highly breakable heart worn on the sleeve. A standout for me would be “I’m the Law,” the tale of an uber-dedicated undercover corporate spy – for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Composer Ritt Henn is a kindred spirit and knows how to “compose funny” so humor builds and bops along with attitude matching the words. (His melodies for two other numbers here, where he’s also playing bass, are zingy and groovy as well.) Other topics for lighter fare range from the smile of Mona Lisa to karma self-absorption.

    Here are a couple of examples of the fine lyric writing by D.C.:

    ‘You have to know I separate/ the hearts and deeds of men/ I know it tore a hole inside/ Made mock of course and creed/ I cannot give you back your pride/ My love, that’s on your lead.’ (from “‘Til Then,” a sublime match of lyric to Adryan Russ’s graceful melody, enhanced by the accompaniment of guitar and cello.)

    ‘The window screen has captured a leaf/ A chivalrous wind comes to save it/ Happiness drops in as deeply as grief/ Dare I hope we two can enslave it?’ (from “This Is My Love,” with his own breathlessly tremulous melody … I love the poetic phrasing of the wind characterized as “chivalrous” – the guy is a real romantic!)

    On highly emotional moments, he sings with some sweet, high tones, here and there gathering strength and force when it suits the development of the mood. He sounds more casually Everyman in the lighter songs, cheerily embracing his inner dork.

    Also included are two strikingly lovely and evocative songs D.C. had no hand in writing, but he treats both memory pieces with tender loving care: Bruce Kulak’s “Tin Can Telephone” and Roy Zimmerman’s “You.” Lyrics for all songs except these two are included in a booklet.

    Our Story is the story of people daring to love, coping with the loss of love, and sometimes laughing at life.”

    — Rob Lester Talkin’ Broadway
  • “Balladeer and songwriter D.C. Anderson is back with another smartly eclectic group of original songs that will touch your heart and make you laugh. Anderson’s airy tenor shines, singing paeans of love and lunacy that perfectly reflect our obsessions and humanity.”

    — David Hurst NEXT MAGAZINE

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D.C. Anderson is a New York city based Singer/Songwriter. His CD's on the LML label feature many of his collaborations with songwriters Steven Landau, Ritt Henn, Carol Hall, Billy Philadelphia, Stephen Randoy, Elizabeth Doyle, Ricklen Nobis, David Robison, Michael Gillis,…