Ask Me Again

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Praise for Ask Me Again…

  • “Cermele is a suave New Yorker gunning for Harry Connick Jr.’s king-of-the-crooner’s throne. On his sterling sophomore studio effort, he displays the vocal chops to go the distance. He playfully tweaks the melody of the Gershwins’ Strike Up The Band, while injecting a tangible pathos to Arlen & Mercer’s My Shining Hour that renders the song as accessible to a wide new audience.”

    — Larry Flick, BILLBOARD
  • “(3 1/2 stars)

    With a piano at his side and a voice like good-quality caramel, Charles croons you into a romantic stupor. Much better to make out to than Limp Bizkit, I can tell you.”

    — Suzan Colon, JANE
  • “(3 1/2 stars) “Cermele is a rare cabaret singer. His elegant phrasing and interpretive grace let his songs breathe as easily as the most confident jazz. He isn’t a jazz wannabe, but a classic pop singer with a warm, unforced baritone and a knack for finding and communicating lyrical nuance. Lesser known Gershwin songs such as Ask Me Again and It’s A New World are gems. Christopher Marlowe’s piano and Steve LaSpina’s bass provide the right jazzy frame for Cermele’s timeless pop.”

    — Daniel Gewertz, BOSTON HERALD
  • “Were a Grammy committee on the lookout next year to correct past oversights, Ask Me Again would be a worthy candidate. His “Blues in the Night” is as good as it gets.”

    — David Finkle, THE VILLAGE VOICE
  • “Cermele serves up his musical martinis with a definite twist. On his new album (arranged by cabaret master Christopher Marlowe) he throws surprising curves into old standards, making you listen anew. He give’s Johnny Mercer’s “I Remember You” a refreshingly bittersweet flavor and pulls off a playful “Do It Again,” a sweetly randy hymn to irresistable urges.”


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One of the most critically-acclaimed singers of his generation, Charles Cermele (named Outstanding Male Vocalist by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) is well known to New York audiences from his sold-out performances at The FireBird Cafe, The Oak…